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Family Dog Clicker Training

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Clicker Training is a fun and easy way to train your dog using only rewards for good behavior. This simplistic and proven way of training uses a device that, when clicked, puts out a chirping sound. The clicker, (is a strip of metal inside a plastic box) This method is preferred over giving a dog a treat over depriving or hurting them for each bad thing.

Give your dog a treat before you begin Clicker Training. When the animal understands the click, the trainer gives a treat. A positive behavior can be noticed on triggering the click. The dog will quickly learn the positive effects which are associated with the clicking sound, and will in turn become conditioned to doing what their owner tells them with that clicker. The clicker assures the dog they have done something that the owner is happy with. It is either obeying a command they were not doing earlier or learning a new command. The effectiveness of the clicker comes from the dog’s association of the click sound with a reward or treat, so to make sure the clicker maintains its value owners must still reward their dog with a treat occasionally.

A treat should be rewarded to a dog for only for occasional behavior, instead of every time it obeys a command, like performing an extremely difficult trick or obeying a command it found difficult for a long time. By using the Clicker Training, and introducing the treat every so often, the dog will become conditioned to the two going hand in hand, and they will quickly learn the commands and tricks their owner might be trying to teach them. Giving the dog a reward often will be a mechanism to get them to understand the positive meaning of the clicker, during the initial stages of using the clicker. The clicker can be reinforced with snacks occasionally.

When utilizing Clicker Training techniques, there are certain things to bear in mind. Take it easy at first, start off in a tranquil room with small snacks, and proceed very slowly. You might still want to think about using a clicker so that your dog gets used to it. You may begin training your dog in various aspects like instructions, tricks, etc. after that. Early on owners have to go slow and be patient. Giving a treat for each command the dog learn will not be required, maybe after some time, this is ensuring the responses you are looking for now.

With clicker training, as with any other training system, it is important to keep it up and stay diligent. In the end, owner’s will be happy to have found a relatively stress-free way of training their dog to be a faithful lifelong companion.