Puppy Mills

Tips for How to Avoid Puppy Mills

fish oil - Tips for How to Avoid Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are the not-so-secret dark side of the dog world. Raising awareness about puppy mills is the best way of putting these puppy mills out of business. Here are some key things that you can do to find a puppy that is not bred in a puppy mill: Before you can avoid a puppy mill, you first have to have an understanding of what a puppy mill is. People are likely to avoid puppy mills if they know what they really are first.

Just like any other mill where one thing or the other is produced; puppy mills are facilities where puppies are produced, or bred. Similar to a production line, puppy mill owners merely use dogs for the continuous and rapid production of puppies, without taking care of the health and well-being of the dogs. Puppy mill owners feed the dogs cheap, inferior quality food, house them in small cages, do not show love or affection towards the animals, and do not even let them play or run around. In other words, dogs in a puppy mill have to endure cruel living conditions and as a result are likely to develop various behavioral and medical conditions.

Please be careful when you purchase a puppy from the local pet store or from an AD online, or in the paper, because you may be paying for a puppy that originates from a puppy mill. An ideal and somewhat unrealistic way of avoiding puppy mills is to avoid buying puppies from these sources. Your understanding as a customer grows when you pose some valid questions. Since pet stores should be able to verify with proof where their pups is coming from, it could mean that they dealt with a puppy mill in order to get the pup that you want. Pet stores always have verifiable documentation to prove that they are selling puppies from legitimate sources.

You need to educate yourself about existing state regulations for raising animals and nurturing them. Local representation is available to discuss any problems you may have. A lot of people subscribe to the notion they can perform a good deed by saving a puppy from a puppy mill when they buy from there. This just reward puppy mill proprietors and help them continue their breeding practices. A great and effective step to take to get puppy mills shut down is to create laws in relation to their existence.

Rescue puppies from shelters or buy from responsibly dog breeders to avoid purchasing a “puppy mill” puppy. People who want to buy a puppy from a reliable source will simply need to find compassionate dog breeders that exist, certainly. Good dog breeders will never be hesitant about showing the location where they keep their dogs and puppies, while on the other hand, a puppy mill owner will always avoid showing the puppy mill and its operation. Higher quality dog breeders keep their canines in a clean and spacious place that ensures their good health and contentment with amenities and companionship. Parents of puppies are often kept as pets by a lot of the dog breeders.

Animal shelters are a good source to get puppies that didn’t originate from puppy mills. Dogs that are found in animal shelters for adoption are rescue animals, and therefore, those that adopt them are doing the greatest deed, by giving that pet a home forever. The most compassionate way to get a family pet is through an animal shelter to avoid the pitfalls of puppy mills, and the less-than-ideal conditions animals are raised in purely for profit.

Puppy mills are cruel and harsh places where animals are never treated properly. The greater the knowledge about the lives of the poor animals who are surviving in these conditions, the sooner the time will come when puppy mills are forced out of business and closed down.