Puppy Mills

Tips for Steering clear of Puppy Farms

fish oil - Tips for Steering clear of Puppy Farms

Puppy mills are the dirty secret of the dog world. Raising awareness is the number one thing that needs to be done to ensure that puppy mills are closed down. If you are looking for a puppy, you may resort to several measures so that you do not end up buying the product of a puppy mill. People need to be educated about puppy mills in order to avoid purchasing puppies from one. People are going to avoid puppy mills if they know what they really are first.

Just like any other mill where one thing or the other is produced; puppy mills are facilities where puppies are produced, or bred. Puppy mills are similar to production lines and disregard the health of the dogs. Puppy mill owners neglect their dogs by feeding them low-quality food, keeping them in small cages, and withhold love, affection, and freedom to run and play. Developing attitude and health conditions is commonplace when dogs are raised in puppy mills caused by filthy conditions.

Unfortunately some less reputable sellers, whether pet stores or individuals, get their dogs from puppy mills. Avoid buying from any source that you suspect uses puppy mills. Your knowledge as a customer grows when you pose some valid questions. If a pet store is not able to verify where they purchased their puppies from, it could very well mean the puppies were purchased from a puppy mill. Pet stores that are retailing puppies from legitimate sources always have verifiable paperwork to prove it.

Find out what laws are on the books in your state about the care and breeding of animals. Any specific issues you may experience can be conveyed to your local representative. A lot of people subscribe to the notion they can perform a good deed by saving a puppy from a puppy mill when they buy from there. This just reward puppy mill owners and help them continue their breeding practices. The best way to get puppy mills shut down is for laws to be enacted regarding their existence.

The best way of avoiding puppy mills is by rescuing puppies from animal shelters and buying puppies from legitimate and responsible dog breeders. Look for a established dog breeder when you are getting a puppy, so that you know it comes from a kind and caring source. Upper-class dog breeders will always be ready to let one see the area where their dogs and puppies are kept, while a puppy mill owner will not feel the need to show the living area and how it is run. Higher quality dog breeders keep their canines in a clean and spacious place that ensures their good health and contentment with amenities and companionship. Often times, the puppies parents will live in the house with the dog breeder as a pet.

Animal shelters are an even better source for puppies that do not originate from puppy mills. Dogs up for adoption in animal shelters are rescued; therefore, people will be doing a great deed by giving them a forever home. People can easily find a dog breed of their choice at an animal shelter, and they can be certain that they are not perpetuating a sector that breeds misery.

Puppy mills are cruel and harsh places where animals are never treated properly. The greater the knowledge about the lives of the poor animals who are surviving in these conditions, the sooner the time will come when puppy mills are forced out of business and closed down.