Dog Training - Hints & Tips To Have a Happier Life With Your Beloved Fury Friend

Top Dog Training Tips:

  1. Let The Dog Choose: Behaviour is conditional. Change the conditions to teach or modify behaviour.
  2. Love, Admire, Respect Your Dog: Avoid hurting, abandoning, or ignoring your pet.
  3. Top Dog Training Certifications: Look for CCPDT, IAABC, or PPAB certifications for dog trainers.
  4. Guide Dog Training Timeframe: GDT and GDMI apprenticeships take 18-24 months or three years.
  5. Training Books Benefit: Gain insights and techniques to communicate and bond effectively with your canine.
  6. Key Rule - The 7-7-7 Rule: Your dog should experience various interactions and environments for a well-rounded life.
  7. DIY vs. Professional Training: DIY training strengthens your bond but requires time and expertise; professional training offers structured guidance.
  8. Training Impact on Dog Happiness: Training provides mental stimulation and fulfillment, leading to a happier dog.
  9. Effective Communication: Avoid frequent cue repetition; give your dog time to respond before reiterating.
  10. Feeding Behaviour: Implement the 10-Minute Rule for feeding; wait for a response before removing the bowl to encourage regular eating habits.
  11. Daily Calorie Intake: Follow the 90/10 rule with 90% from a balanced diet and 10% from treats, balancing nutrition and indulgence.